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  • Sound Music strives to make music instruction available to everyone by
    some of the most competetive rates in the greater Seattle area!

One-Time Registration Fee for Music & Supplies - $75

Private Lessons*

  • 30-Minute Lessons -$28-  $112 per Month or $322 per Quarter
  • 45-Minute Lessons -$41-  $165 per Month or $471 per Quarter
  • 60-Minute Lessons -$53-  $213 per Month or $609 per Quarter

Group Lessons (4-6 Students)*

  • 60-Minute Lessons - $35 per lesson monthly

Students Playing Instruments

Children Sitting Around Table Playing

Financial Aid

Limited financial aid may be available. Please call for more information. Jan is currently seeking sponsorship from nonprofits to support kids who want to take piano lessons but are unable to afford them.

Quarterly Musical Movie Night

  • Children - $15 per Child (Max $30 per Family)
  • Parents - Free

Instrument Rental

Rent an instrument at an affordable rate. Sound Music Studio offers rent-to-own programs on keyboards, violins, and ukuleles. Your first month of rental is free.

  • Keyboard - $25 per Month
  • Guitar - $25 per month
  • Ukulele - $15 per Month